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PostSubject: Rules   Sat Apr 21, 2007 2:18 am

Forum Rules

No Flamming
Refrain from profanity lol!
No Spamming
No Attempts to break Jagex rules
No Attempts to Hack any other users
Don't Advertise for other websites, feel free to link but don't be like (this is a great clan join it) Laughing
RS Rules

Mages get runes
Warriors get armor and weapons provided that it is not worth enough to be sold and split
Archers get dhide and ranged weapons
No Bsing
Primary Pk Spot: North of Varrock at the Blue Dragons in 20+ wildy

Business Rules

The payment, and assignment due dates are Mondays

General Rules

You piss me off, You Die Evil or Very Mad
You Are inactive for 3 months you die too affraid
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